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    Chapter 923 – Sword Pill plants blush


    Sword Capsule (Evolved): Paradise and Globe as a furnace, Heart and soul Energy for a sword, three thousand swords fused in just one pill.

    Immediately after while using the survive sword objective, Zhou Wen sheathed his sword and withstood there motionless.

    For the following few days, Zhou Wen utilized with Sadie. He wanted to perform these three thousand sword intents to see which sword objective was appropriate for the Essence Vitality Tablet. Maybe that might be the amount of time once the Essence Energy Pill superior.

    Sadie decided to go from initially stunned into the pursuing distress and finally pins and needles. She will no longer considered a single thing. All she did was center on ingesting the battle with Zhou Wen and employ the Eye of Odin to document the battle.

    It was not the same as some of the previous sword intents. Each sword purpose Zhou Wen experienced employed previously obtained specific traits. These were either strong or very soft, offensive or defensive, rapidly or slow-moving, domineering or kingly. Each sword intent possessed its advantages and drawbacks.

    To utilize different Daily life Souls, he was required to change to various Basis Energy Disciplines. It had been naturally unattainable for different Heart and soul Energy Artistry to get circulated simultaneously.

    Sword Dietary supplement (Advanced): Heaven and Planet as being a furnace, Essence Strength like a sword, 3 thousand swords fused within a dietary supplement.

    Possibly even Sadie didn’t recognize that her sword craft was undergoing a tremendous transform due to Zhou Wen’s effect.

    Nevertheless, the sword objective emitted by Zhou Wen was totally different.

    , Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    It was an incredibly impressive and alarming capacity, though the difficulty was that making use of the View of Legacy to change into Torch Dragon Youngling necessary a large amount of efforts and Essence Vitality to check Torch Dragon Youngling’s human body. Furthermore, it needed a lot of Essence Power to back up the transformation. After altering, he would also expend a lot of Fact Vigor to maintain the Torch Dragon Youngling develop.

    Nonetheless, the Fact Strength Tablet covered unlimited sword objective.

    With Sword Product carried out, Zhou Wen didn’t must proceed sword perform. He hadn’t idea of a method to progress Sword Product. All he could do was go on absorbing Basis Electricity Crystals, permitting Sword Pill’s Fact Strength to constantly improve, clean, and compress in wait for ability to move forward to your Best System.

    Zhou Wen had designed very similar initiatives in-match, but he experienced failed.

    The truth is, Sadie does identical to Zhou Wen. Over the struggle with him, she gradually infused her ideas into her sword fine art.

    The progressed Looking glass Sight still only strengthened the eye area, although the brand changed.

    Just after he was released, Feng Qiuyan surprisingly didn’t perform his saber for the next few days. He came to see both the beat on a daily basis.

    Following your Basis Strength Tablet enhanced correctly, the sword hum on Zhou Wen’s human body vanished. The boundless sword motive also vanished.

    With Zhou Wen’s present Heart and soul Energy, he couldn’t even skim and completely transform into Torch Dragon Youngling. All he could do was temporarily completely transform into some Epic dimensional creatures or cheaper. Furthermore, this expected a certain amount of scanning time.

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    However, that was unattainable at the present time. Several Daily life Souls couldn’t be utilized all at once. And when he switched Life Souls, the eye area of Legacy’s alteration would vanish.

    When Sadie saw Zhou Wen suddenly retreat, the sword in the fingers stabbed at him. Even so, just before the sword could plunge into him, Sadie discovered herself not capable for this.

    Even so, the Fact Vitality Capsule comprised unlimited sword motive.

    Following he was dismissed, Feng Qiuyan surprisingly didn’t practice his saber for the following week. He got to enjoy the two fight every day.

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    She didn’t want to expert many sword intents like Zhou Wen, but as long as she could grasp a couple of sword intents that best suited her, she could possibly make wonderful improvement.

    It was a really impressive and frightening capacity, nevertheless the trouble was that while using Eyes of Legacy to change into Torch Dragon Youngling necessary plenty of some time and Substance Energy to skim Torch Dragon Youngling’s body. Additionally, it needed a substantial amount of Heart and soul Energy to support the change. Right after changing, he would also use up a lot of Essence Vigor to maintain the Torch Dragon Youngling variety.

    Feng Qiuyan, who was enjoying out of the section, wiped the frosty perspiration from his forehead. However he wasn’t dealing with the boundless sword objective like Sadie, he could perception how frightening it absolutely was.


    When Sadie spotted Zhou Wen suddenly getaway, the sword in their own hand stabbed at him. Nonetheless, just before the sword could jump into him, Sadie located herself unable to accomplish this.

    Your Eyes of Legacy experienced handed down the Match Eyes’ power to see through demons. As well, it experienced another work. Zhou Wen could use the Eyes of Legacy to read dimensional pests before taking around the guise of your dimensional being.

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